Seftiean Al Rasyid

NPM : 13209876

KLS : 4 EA 02

8. walking with the children to school.

Subject                              : no subject

Verb                                  : walking sebagai gerund

Prepositional phrases       : no Prepositional phrases

the sentence are Wrong (W)

is the correct sentence :  She / He is walking with the children to school.


7. The dishes in the sink really need to be washed as soon as possible.
Subject                       : Dishes
Verb                            : to be washed ( bentuk pasif )
the sentence are right (R)
Prepositional phrases : in

6. The large carotid artery _______ to the main parts of the brain

A. Carrying blood

B. Carries blood

C. Blood is carries

D. Blood carries


(Answer : B. Carries blood ) because if the answer is A. Carrying blood auxillat supposed to be (am, is, are, / was, were) while if the answer is C. and D. not disconnected sentences,