1.         Nobody know ( A )  when the process(B) of glass-making was(C)  invented (D).

  • Wrong answer is A. know
  • The correct sentence is knows

2.         The languages of the world presents(A) a vast array(B) of structural similarities(C) and differences(D)

  • Wrong answer is A.  presents
  • The correct sentence is present

3.         The rise of multinationals have(A) resulted(B) in a great deal of legal ambiguity because multinationals can(C) operate(D) in so many jurisdictions.

  • Wrong answer is A.  have
  • The correct sentence is has

4.         All of the east-west interstate highways in the United States has(A) even numbers(B),while north-south interstate highways are(C) odd-numbered(D).

  • Wrong answer is A.  has
  • The correct sentence is have

5.         When(A) a massive star in the large Magellanic Cloud exploded(B) in 1987, a wave of neutrinos were(C) defected(D) on Earth.

  • Wrong answer is C. were
  • The correct sentence is Had been

6.         Every open space in the targeted(A) area that has(B) grass and a few bushes are(C) occupied(D) by the white-crowned sparrow

  • Wrong answer is C. are 
  • The correct sentence is  is

7.         Krakatoa is remembered(A) as the volcano that put(B) so much ash into the air that sunsets around the world was affected(C) for two years afterward(D).

  • Wrong answer is B. put
  • The correct sentence is puts

8.         The term “Yankee” was(A) originally a nickname for people from New  England, but now anyone from the United States are(B) referred(C) to as(D) a Yankee.

  • Wrong answer is B. are
  • The correct sentence is is


9.         A network of small arteries,mostly sandwiched(A) between the skin and the underlying(B) muscles, supply(C) blood(D) to the face and scalp.


  • Wrong answer is C. supply
  • The correct sentence is supplies


10.      Mesquite is(A) a small(B) tree in the Southwest who(C) can withstand(D) the severest the severest drought.


  • Wrong answer is C who
  • The correct sentence is they