How many lips Preachers who do not need to say a word but with the condition and keistiqamahannya can make people get guidance.

Here’s where a pagan attitude to get guidance and converted to Islam just because a character is blind Preachers.

Is a German man who then announced his Islam tells, beginning the first he knew of Islam back to the days of his youth when he made a tour to Albania in the school holidays.

While it is running on one of the narrow road there, he collided with a man. When realized and apologized, then he knew that the man was a blind ditabraknya. The blind man does not understand the meaning of the ma’afnya request because he did not understand the language of communication. Even though so, this blind man determined to hold the hands of men who had hit him and walk him to his home. There, he put food potluck to friends who had met in the middle of the road.

Semuslim brothers from Germany tells us, “Then I saw a blind man who was doing some motion picture lingered in my head, I know that ultimately it is the prayer of the Muslims. The attitude of the man is able to master my mind for some time. He did not insist to ask me to accompany him to his house, but then he honored me without anything in return and without the need to first recognize when he does not understand my language. What he did just in front of me.? What is the meaning of the movements.? When I saw a shadow of the man doing the movement, it pushed me to recognize them and the principles of their religion. It’s a long journey to finally make me convert to Islam. The incident is the first thread in that direction. ”

Dr Shaikh’s comments. ‘Umar Sulaiman al-Asyqar:

Lesson and sermon that can be drawn from this story for a Muslim, especially for a Preachers is that the speech of haq (truth) can sometimes bear fruit in the hearts of listeners walalu even after a long process and keistiqamahan over al-Haq and its practice sometimes also affect others and can lead them to the guidance of Allah. With attitudes like this, Islam will spread in the liver and around the world thanks to the God nur Leave therein.

(SUMBER: Qashash Wa Mawaaqif Dzaat ‘Ibar, disusun ‘Adil bin Muhammad Al ‘Abdul ‘Ali, hal.57-58 sebagai yang dinukilnya dari buku Mawaaqif Dzaat ‘Ibar karya Dr. ‘Umar Sulaiman al-Asyqar, hal.86, penerbit Daar an-Nafaa’is)