One day, calling Qarun gave a prostitute and segepuk money as a bribe to get her to say in public the Children of Israel that Moses had menzinahinya.

Then Qarun merangcang to hold a meeting and asked that Moses delivered it to the public discourse on the Children of Israel. Without the slightest suspicion, Moses meet that demand while people were coming from all directions so terkumpullah so many people. Moses then lecture them. In the middle of the lecture he suddenly stood up him and said, “O Moses, do you think, what would you do to people who steal.?” Moses replied, “We’re going to cut his hand.” Qarun added again, “If people adultery.? “Moses replied,” If he was married, his sentence was stoned (stoned to death) and if she is not married, then the punishment whipped. “Qarun to frame Musa replied,” Even though you own the culprit.? ” Moses replied, “I seek refuge in Allah from doing that. Hadd law to apply to all people, even if I’m alone. “So when they said Qarun to women who have the disogoknya,” Stand up. “But surprisingly, the woman is not able to stand up at all. He was shaking and shivering all over her body. All his energies to sag at all, her skin wrinkled, his heart was filled with shame and self-hollow and weak.

In such an atmosphere, be upfront about the woman, “O Moses, indeed Qarun had to bribe me with money so much so that I’m accusing you commit adultery with myself.” So filled with emotion Moses and said, “I ask you in the name of the One Who has lowered the Torah, if what is said right Qarun.? “she replied,” I bear witness that you are free of charges (innocent) and I testify that you are the Messenger of Allah. ”

Upon hearing it, Moses immediately jump to kowtow to his Lord while praying before the destruction of the people who have menzhaliminya.

So God had revealed to him that he raised his head because the earth has been subject to him. And Moses said to the earth, “they swallow.!” Then the earth swallowed them limited their legs, then swallow it again to the extent their knees. So to actually swallow the entire earth their bodies, not a single person remained.

In this case, as-Sadusy Qatadah said, “Allah threw them every day about the size of their bodies until the Day of Resurrection.”

And narrated from Ibn ‘Abbas that they have been knocked down into the seven layers of the earth.

There is also a hadith which states that when God threw Qarun and those who were with him, they began to ask Moses or calling to her, “We repent, we repent, will not be repeated again.” When they are in that condition, Moses just looking at them , then Allah revealed to Moses, “The say to my servant, ‘O Moses, do not love them.” However, when he asked me, would they find me close to them and Maha grant. Allaah knows the truth of this story. (Taariikh al-Umam Wa al-Muluuk, works of Imam ath-Thabary; Bidaayah Wa al-an-Nihaayah, Ibn Kathir)

Qarun was gone (dead) to reap the reward for kezhaliman and jealous nature. God threw him to the ground and make it as a lesson to all men of all time. While Moses went to take glory in the world and the Hereafter and live happily and dies commendable.

Are the builders ‘accused’ honor holy people who want to reflect on the consequences for doing injustice experienced? Will they withdraw their oral, organize movements of his limbs, was always diawai Allah and know that they will definitely be tried due to their actions defile the honor?

Arabic proverb says, “As you despise, then so shall ye be insulted.” Life is borrowing and debt.

O Allah, we seek refuge in You from the deeds wrongdoers and those who do injustice, from fasiq deeds and those who do fasiq and from the caller to the ugliness and the people who pretend religious.

(SOURCE: Nihaayah az-Zhaalimiin works Ibrahim ibn ‘Abdullah al-Haazimy, juz.III, h.65-67, no.57)