Sometimes someone to tell us deposit our friend seroang greetings from faraway by telling us: “So and so say hi for yourselves” or “you yourselves can hail from So and so” and a similar one. How do we answer this?]

Ways People Respond To Deliver Greetings and Sending Greetings

By: Haifa ‘Abd ar-Rosyid Bintu

Ibn Hajar said in Fathul Bari (11/41): “and preferred to reply (greetings) to those who submit.”

Ibn Qoyyim said in Zaadul Ma’ad (2/427): “and includes instructions shollallohu alaihi wa sallam, if someone told him greetings from others, he replied to him and to those who submit.”

And is thus based on the hadeeth narrated by Abu Dawood (5231), Ahmad (23 104) and Nasa’i in As-Sunan Al-Kubro (10133) “Chapter: what was said when he was told the truth, So and so say hello to you”.

And from the hadith someone from Bani Numair (and in Fathul Bari (11/41): from Bani Tamim) from his father from his grandfather that he came to the Prophet shollallohu alaihi wa sallam then said:

إن أبي يقرأ عليك السلام, قال: عليك وعلى أبيك السلام

“Verily, my father greetings to you”, the Prophet replied: “‘Alaika wa’ ala abika as-salaam”. And in the sanad of this hadith there jahaalah (rowi is not known), but Al-Albani menghasankannya.

And who thus has no deeds 2 wives of the Prophet shollallohu alaihi wa sallam, Khodijah and rodhiyallahu anhuma Aisha and the Prophet mentaqrir (approve) the two of them:

1. Khodijah rodhiyallahu anha: from Anas rodhiyallahu anhu he said:

جاء جبريل إلى النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وعنده خديجة وقال: إن الله يقرئ خديجة السلام, فقالت: إن الله هو السلام وعلى جبريل السلام وعليك السلام ورحمة الله

“Gabriel came to the Prophet shollallohu alaihi wa sallam and there Khodijah on the Prophet, He said:” Allah send greetings to Khodijah “Khodijah said:” Verily, Allah was the one As-Salam, and the as-salam wa rohmatullah Gabriel and thee “[ HR. al-Hakim (4/175, An-Nasa’i in al-Kubro (10134), al-Bazzar (1903), dam Thobroni in al-Kabir (23/15 no. 25 and 26)]

Al-Haafiz Ibn Hajar said in Fathul Bari (7/172): “and from this hadith there faidah returned the greeting to the person who sent greetings and to the people who submit”.

2. From Aisha rodhiyallohu anha, that the Prophet shollallohu alaihi wa sallam said to him:

يا عائشة, هذا جبريل يقرأ عليك السلام, فقالت: وعليه السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته, ترى مالا أرى – تريد النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم –

“O Aisha, is Gabriel greeting you” Aisha replied: “wa ‘alaihis salaam wa wa rohmatulloh barokaatuh, you (the Prophet) did not see what I see.” [HR. al-Bukhaari (3217) and Muslim (2447)]

However, there are additional Musnad al-Imam Ahmad (6/117) of Aisha rodhiyallohu anha, he said: I said:

عليك وعليه السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

“‘Alaika wa’ alaihis salaam wa wa rohmatulloh barokaatuh”.

Al-‘Allamah al-Albani said in a footnote Shohih Adabil Mufrod (p. 308-309): “sanadnya shohih”. And this is an important addition in this hadith. Wallohu knows best wa billahit Taufiq.

[diterjemahkan Abu SHilah dari al-Washiyyah bi Ba’dhi as-Sunan Syibhil Mansiyyah oleh Haifa bintu Abdillah ar-Rosyid, dari